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Bozeman Youth Baseball 2020 Operations Plan

This document outlines Bozeman Youth Baseball’s game day operations plan for league play at our three field locations in the Bozeman city parks of Christie Fields, Babcock Fields and Kirk Park. Bozeman Youth Baseball has incorporated recommendations from the Gallatin County Health Department, the City of Bozeman, and the Governor’s general reopening plan in the development of this document.

Limiting Fan and Family Attendance at the Fields of Play

Bozeman Baseball will seek to limit the number of people at games and practices to comply with established guidance as well as to maximize safety for all our constituents. We will be limiting the number of people allowed at each ball diamond to 50 people as per the stated guidance we will adhere to. With respect to practices, this should be fairly easy with 12 plus kids per team, 3 coaches and any parents who’d like to watch being allowed to do so. With respect to games, this we will ask family and friend attendance to adhere to established guidance as well as adhering with social distancing as described below.

Social Distancing

Groups of family members will be asked to maintain 6’ distance between non-family groups. All parks which we will play baseball in have ample space for suggested distancing guidelines to be adhered to and families and friends are encouraged to ‘spread out’ along fence lines to watch your team and players in a manner consistent with established guidance. We ask each of our constituents to take this request seriously as it is for the safety of all participants, families, coaches and extended families of all.

Enhanced Sanitization Practices

Bozeman Baseball will increase the cleaning and sanitizing of all areas of play as follows:

  • Thorough cleaning of all shared equipment will occur prior to the start of any activity day (practice or games).
  • Hand sanitizer stations will be placed at each ball diamond and be available to all in attendance of practice and games.
  • Concessions will not be served this year.
  • Due to the City of Bozeman’s rule that public restrooms will not be open in city parks this summer, Bozeman Baseball will have port o pots at all field locations. These will have sanitizers present within them to allow for additional sanitizing opportunities in the absence of restroom soap and water availability.
  • Bozeman Baseball asks each and every family and participant to stay home if any member of your family shows any symptoms of COVID-19 (

Practice, Game and On-field Procedures

Bozeman Baseball will apply the following to all practice and game day routines:

  • Each dugout will be equipped with hand sanitizing stations. Players will be instructed to sanitize when they show up to the field, and when using shared equipment.
  • Coaches will be responsible for sanitizing any team shared equipment. Sharing of equipment will be minimized as much as possible. See the below section regarding special conditions for teams and players regarding shared equipment.
  • Team water coolers, shared beverages and/or food will not be provided nor allowed this year. This includes - sunflower seeds. Sunflower seed will not be allowed at the ball fields this season.
  • Handshaking after the games will not take place. In lieu of handshakes, teams will line up on opposing foul lines, tip their cap, conduct virtual high fives or fist bumps, whatever teams and coaches decide.
  • With respect to batting cages which are commonly used by teams, distancing guidance will be applied for those awaiting turns. Coaches will monitor and manage kids as they wait, bat and conduct ball pick up within the batting cages.
  • On field group celebrations will not take place.
  • Players will be required to re-sanitize their hands at the end of each practice or game

Shared Equipment

Baseball typically entails multiple pieces of equipment being shared between teammates during practice and gameplay. To mitigate shared touching of equipment, Bozeman Baseball is implementing the following rules this season:

  • Each player will be required to have their own helmet. If your player does not have a helmet and you cannot afford to buy one, email us at and we will help you obtain one.
  • If a bat is to be shared between players, it will be required to be sanitized by a coach in between uses.
  • Catcher’s gear. Ideally, each team will have players who play catcher and possess their own equipment. In the case that league issued catchers equipment is to be shared by multiple players, the entire equipment set will require sanitizing between uses. Teams should use catchers in a way that minimizes the need to sanitize equipment during games or practices. Individuals with their own equipment will not be permitted to share with other players.